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Who we are

Navi electronics is a progressive Asian manufacturer of electronic parts, serving major electronic brands. Our distribution and supply network, based in Bangalore, covers the major electronic markets in the region, serving clients in the Asia Pacific region.

NAVI's electronic product distribution sector is one of the fastest growing companies and we're moving towards one of Asia Pacific's biggest global footprints, the fastest growing electronics markets worldwide.


Navi Provide full descriptions of reference designs to help you modify and produce them as your own products.

Quality brands

Bring a portfolio of premium brands that fulfills the needs of our clients, while cultivating a competitive consumer and supplier network.

Core Objective – To create V.A.L.U.E. for our customers

  • Vital – To provide the best value for money
  • Accountability — We are accountable for all the components we supply with a 1 year warranty
  • Loyalty — Customer loyalty is the goal we strive towards
  • Uncompromising – We do not compromise on service and quality
  • Experience — Providing the best customer service experience

Our Vision

What makes us an market leader among electronic product distributors is Navi's unique vision of the future of distribution and the courage to act on this vision.

Our Mission

  • Excel in quality, cost and delivery over competitors.
  • Foster long term partnership with customers and suppliers.
  • Learn, practice and teach total quality management in the entire organization, at all levels to meet 100% customer requirement.
  • Upgrade technology, infrastructure and manufacturing systems on continuous basis to meet future customer needs.
  • Offer products and services to meet customers requirement of quality and delivery on consistent and continous basis at competitive prices.

Navi Electronics began to diversify with time and started the services of Electronic Manufacturing. We are also looking for new ideas and concepts for the growth and diversification of our operations.

To make the most of our experience in product manufacturing, the Navi group has also begun to provide its valued Electronic Industry customers with a one-stop solution for Electronic Manufacturing services.


  • Focus on delivering our services to small and medium-sized businesses, thereby creating economies of scale for our clients that will allow them to optimize their profits.
  • Our technological skills are constantly strengthened to achieve further design wins for our business partners.
  • Acquire reliable and profitable product lines by recognizing industry patterns and input from the customers.
  • Collaborating with industry partners around the world to ensure a diverse product range for all makes of electronic components.